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Bernard Adelsberger posted a status
"My younger son and I had a successful Boy Scout camp this summer. We live in Virginia, but like PA camps we've visited: cooler and greener."
16 hours ago
kenny peavy shared a profile on Facebook
kenny peavy posted a status
"Please check out my book The Box People- with the simple message to get outside and explore Nature!<br /><br />http://ersatztrilogy.com/"
Geoffrey McMullan posted a status
"The Secret To Learning & Teaching Bird Language: Understanding Nature Just Got 97X Easier! http://j.mp/1zAqVEd"
Jul 23
Jane Valencia left a comment for Amy Conley
"Thanks, Amy! I'm sure the group will pick up. I'm excited to learn about your music biz! Music is indeed a "natural" expression when it comes to nature -- what we humans know how to do. And song is such a great way to not only be…"
Jul 22
Tania Moloney commented on Tania Moloney's event Family Nature Connection Retreat
"Hi Juliet, It be lovely and it's been a passion of mine that I've wanted to make happen for a long time. I've run retreats before but more around women's health and wellbeing, but this one is very special to me! Here's the…"
Jul 21
Juliet Robertson commented on Tania Moloney's event Family Nature Connection Retreat
"Hi Tanya This sounds like a lovely event and I'm sorry I'm based in the UK. Do you have an event link to this on Facebook or a webpage about it that I can share with others?  Many thanks Juliet"
Jul 20
John Ames left a comment for Corine Anderson
"Hi Corine, Thanks for connecting.  I note in the news that there is a petition to make Lake Winnipeg "a legal person." This is a great move, as corporations that pollute lakes like Winnipeg have been incorporating themselves as legal…"
Jul 20
Corine Anderson posted a status
"There are up to 4 student scholarships available for the 2014 Manitoba Nature Summit. Follow the link for more info http://j.mp/1nJFcoy"
Jul 19
Amy Conley left a comment for Jane Valencia
"Hi Jane, thanks for joining Natural Musicians.  The group just started, so i'm sure it will grow.       My email is  amy@amyconley.com  if you want to add me to your address book as well.     I love the…"
Jul 19
Jane Valencia posted a status
"Sweet day in the woods with young kids in our Vashon Wilderness Program summer camp. We gathered sticks and (gently) drummed on the trees."
Jul 18
Dave Room commented on Matthew H. E. M. Browning's group C&NN Natural Leaders Network
" Please check out my post: Party in Nature with Your Group"
Jul 18

Blog Posts

"Adventure Fest" Connects Oregon Teens to Nature

Agencies and non-profits take action through Youth In Nature Partnership 

My concentration is interrupted by the sound of a bullhorn. I look up from a table full of youth chipping and jabbing away at pieces of obsidian rock. “If you signed up for the second rafting trip, come gather under the tree” shouts a City of Eugene River House staff member. Two teenage boys ask me if I can hold their carefully sculpted pieces of obsidian while they raft. I wrap the bulky, sharp…


Posted by Jennifer Steimer on July 10, 2014 at 10:17am

The Natural Pond Experiment

When we decided to put in a small garden pond I had planned on it being a fun hobby for the family that would also make a nice extra feature for the yard. As soon as I started to research it some to see how to go about it, it became obvious that it was going to be far more than a hobby to pass a few hours of quality time but would provide a virtual laboratory full of science and environmental project as well. It is my favorite type of learning with the children – hands on with actual results…


Posted by Reuben Dickison on July 4, 2014 at 2:47am

Solar Lessons for Home

Building a garden shed was a unique learning experience for my children Aside from some basic vocational skills and safety lessons that are always good to teach, we used the Pythagorean theorem to keep things square to demonstrate real world uses for seemingly “useless” math, introductory physics with lever and fulcrum to show my nine year old how to lift a 250lb wall section and block and tackle to hoist small rafter sections to demonstrate the effectiveness of pulleys, and half a dozen…


Posted by Reuben Dickison on July 4, 2014 at 2:13am

"Pumpkins and Petunias: Things for Children to Do in Gardens"

Our book recently published book offers environmental education activities in gardens for children ages 2-8 years. You can check some of the content at


and Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and GoogleBooks. Here is a press release:…


Posted by irene winston on June 30, 2014 at 8:11pm — 1 Comment


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