-- and you're fourteen years old.  Watch the trailer of a documentary about a rite of passage (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/924623420/tending-fires-alone-i...) for 7 adolescent boys which asked them to spend 24 hours alone in the woods.

Hello -- I'm a filmmaker from New Paltz, NY and two years ago in the Catskills, an event was created for these boys and supported by an extended family that had a ripple effect through the whole community.  I made a documentary about the event, and the people and ideas behind it.   Please take a look at it and let me know what you think.  Thanks.  It's on the very cool Kickstarter fund-raising website -- please help out if you can.   Thank you. 

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This is a beautiful process being documented and I thank you for your efforts in this work. The rite of passage is a powerful ceremony and I hope your film will bring that message to more people. And music by Mark Snow, wow! I wish you well with this project.


Thank you, Renee.  I hope to bring the message to as many people as I can --  it's not just a rite of passage for boys, it's also a transition time for their parents and their community...  The documentary is in the final editing stages right now (thanks to an excellent kickstarter community) and will be out in February.  It has been selected for inclusion in the Green Mountain Film Festival in Vermont in March!  More information (and the trailer) can be found at www.tendingfires.org.


p.s. Mark Snow did the music for the trailer and I'm talking with Jason Crigler about using one of his songs for the end credits!  How lucky am I?  Very lucky!

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