Grounds for Learning, the Scottish School Grounds charity is starting a project looking at natural play in urban schools. They want to try and assess the impact of this on kid’s attitudes to nature – and wondered if you were aware of any tools / approaches to assessing this kind of thing. I suspect you might get some useful stuff if children to are asked to write / art something about nature – which you could then do again later to see if it had developed. I’m sure someone on the planet has done this before – if you can point me to them then I’d be very grateful.

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Hi Juliet
I should really know this but I am not sure there has - I would ask Susan Webster at SNH and look for publications by John Smythe of SEEC (he died a few years ago but I think this may have been in his sphere). Kate Sankey may have done some work on this also. Please keep us up to date with what you find, it sounds great!
Hello Di

Now you are going to chuckle but the plea came via Susan Webster! You are correct about Kate Sankey - her and Greg Mannion did some research together in 2006 that involved using photos to gauge children's reactions to natural places. So I sent this onto Alastair. However I'm sure there's other ideas out there!

Best wishes

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