Black Bird

They woke up this morning and there it was
A little black bird who came here because
We needed a story, we needed a song
To keep our hearts singing when the road is long
And he sang...
We're all in this together
We all came to help each other
To play the game until the end
Our journey will never end
So every day is the beginning
Every moment fresh and new
You have helped me before now
I'm here to help you remember how to sing
Remember how to fly
We're part of everything
And love will never die
And when the road is hard and your heart is full of doubt
Remember me and what I said this game is all about
And pass this message along, in song, in story and word
Remember the truth that came to you through a little black bird
And with that he flew and disappeared into the great blue sky
And although it seems he's gone we cannot see him with our eyes
He is always in our hearts, making them fly into the sky
Remember how to sing
Remember how to fly
We're a part of everything
And love will never die
~Jade Green 

About the Author

Jade in his birdwatching 'bush on head' ready to go get-up!

Jade Green was born on Hastings Mesa, Colorado in a tent at 8,000 feet elevation and has grown up connected with nature his whole life.  He is an avid bird watcher and recited this poem when he was 12 years old.  He has been home schooled with his 10 year old brother Jaron his whole life and has a goal to produce movies 'for kids made by kids'.  

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