Joyce Graham Fogwill, the author of the Bubs the Bumblebee children's books, is a College Botany and Biology Instructor with graduate degrees in Science and Education. These books, with their amazing colour photographs and imaginative stories, introduce children to the wonders of nature, focusing on the lives and interactions of bumblebees, other insects and spiders in the garden. They are educational, informational and entertaining, encouraging children to read, observe and ask questions about the natural world.
Books recommended for children ages 6-10.

Book 2:
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Insects are good for our environment and learning about them can be fun and interesting for all ages. In Joyce Graham Fogwill's Bubs the Bumblebee and the Spider's Web one can learn about bees and spiders' habits and lives.
This story is great for an inquisitive child who is not afraid of bugs, insects or spiders and curious about how they live. It is a good educational tool that can be read over and over, verifying how God makes such unique creatures which we tend to ignore and take for granted. This review will also be posted at and

Bubs the Bumble Bee and The Spider’s Web/West Orlando News Online 2012. Central Florida News. Reviewed by Gary Roen, November 23, 2012.
The author, who is a retired science teacher, uses the character of Bubs the Bumblebee and pictures of real bumblebees and spiders to teach kids about these two facets of nature. Bubs is flying around and spies some spider webs and steers clear because he knows if he is caught, that will be the end of Bubs. The story is simple but teaches a lot about the two creatures and how they are not really compatible with each other. “Bubs the Bumble bee and The Spider’s Web is a very effective way for children 6 to 10 years, to learn more about some of the things around them instead of having to study from a very dry textbook.

Book 1: Bubs the Bumblebee and her most unfortunate, fortunate adventure www.//

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