Please check out my website and facebook page as I recently finished a children's book (41 pages/7 chapters) about 2 squirrels who hike through New Jersey's one million acre pine forest known as the Pine Barrens, our nation's first National Reserve. The curious squirrels learn that there is much more to the Pine Barrens besides the pine trees and that this national treasure is extremely important to people, animals, plants, and the overall environmental health of the entire Eastern seaboard.  

thanks so much, Matt Cieslik


from the back cover of the book- 

Matthew Cieslik introduces the reader to fun, likeable characters that grab the reader’s attention from the beginning and keep them entertained throughout the book. Facts about the wonders of nature are creatively interwoven throughout the book, while the reader’s attention is captivated by the witty characters and imaginative storyline. From forest fires to cranberry bogs to memorials, this book serves as a catalyst for getting kids excited about nature.

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