We are a diverse group of concerned citizens from all walks of life.  Our discussion group is composed of scientists, a nanny, business people, a school bus driver, artists, farmers, musicians, religious leaders, retirees, educators, students, realtors, and engineers...and the list grows daily.  Two great questions have come out of our time considering the future for our children in light of climate change (especially climate departure):  1. How are we to be our brothers keepers in the face of what we are discussing?  2. How are we to be our planets keepers in the face of what we are discussing?

We understand that public knowledge, and response in face of the consequences of climate departure falls far short of what climate scientists feel confident in knowing.  The fact that near term global climates are to reach historically unprecedented levels from the equator to high latitude regions in a span of about 50 years commencing near the year 2020 is now well documented.  To review the current findings, please give a thorough reading to http://www.soc.hawaii.edu/mora/PublicationsCopyRighted/Cities%20Timing.html .  The complete Journal article may be found at: Nature 502, 183-187 (10 October 2013).  This document may well prove to be one of the critical, linchpin discussions of our century. 

We also have prepared a site online and an invitation for response at requiem2020.org.

Please join the discussion.  The answers are elusive.

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