Encouraged by Con Eddie's recent remarks I thought I would start a discussion.


In 2001 I participated in a month of movement in nature with Suprpto Surdarmo in Indonesia. His style Amerta (freedom) movement was a wonderful experience in moving in nature combining ritual and free movement in a variety of locations from waterfalls, polluted rivers to parks and villiage shrines. Two of Suprapto's statements that I like are; 'why are people always trying to find OUT why not find IN'  and 'For the Civilized man it is Human In Nature while for the Indigenous man it is Nature In Human'


My most recent experience was at the Spirituality, Leadership and Management Conference in Sydney Australia; I was weaving the Eco-spiritual component of the conference and held a session of presencing in nature with a small group of people to the sound of Shakuhachi flute played by friend and shakuhachi teacher Bronwyn Kirkpatrick. I am moved by the profound experiences that emerge when people give time to free play in nature.



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Just contacted you to be friends. I love what you're doing. Message to follow.
Hi Ann,

You may chat with me on Facebook - Yeshieperjesi. Cheers Yeshi


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