When I saw the question "What are you doing to get children back into nature" I thought that I would tip my hat to you all about one of the things I have done and am still doing.

Hello my Name is Geoffrey and I’m a Natural Awareness Counsellor, Survival and Tracking Instructor with an MSc in Addiction Psychology & Counselling. And I am also the author of the ‘Discover Nature Awareness’ series.

It has been my aim as well as running workshops and training professionals in Tracking Nature/Natural Awareness, to produce a series of books of nature games. The first two are now out with the third in the pipeline.

These books are aimed at encouraging people to go into nature and to be creative by working the games in their own style, colour, and flavour, their by making the games organic which means they have the very real potential to grow beyond their original form.

All that is required is to go out and play...

Read what Jon Young and Richard Louv had to say about the first book.

Hi Geoffrey. The book, Discover Nature Awareness is really great. It's got such a nice, concise treatment of some very important parts of the nature connection journey. I really like the book and found it useful immediately. Keep up the GREAT work. Impressive.

Aloha Jon Young (Author of 'What the Robin Knows')

"Thanks, for adding so well to the literature of nature awareness, extending with practical information the thinking of such pioneers as Jon Young"

Richard Louv (Author of 'Last Child in the Woods)

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Discover-Nature-Awareness-DNA/566422...

WEB SITE: http://pathfinder-uk-shop.yolasite.com/

I so love doing this work. I hope you find this useful?

Stay Safe


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