This is Liva. She is out playing in her favourite place in the forest. Liva loves to play in nature, there is so much to see and so much to discover. Can you see what Liva discovers underneath that rock? Read the rest of the book to find out...

Liva and the Kingdom of Small Grey is a book that we wrote to inspire children to discover nature and re-connect with nature. We felt that many children were disconnected with nature and wanted to do something about it. So to really inspire children to go out in nature, we created a colouring book where the little creatures of the forest gives the child tasks, like finding and drawing their favourite place in the woods, discover and draw what they find underneath a rock in the woods etc. 

With this book we hope to inspire children to play in nature which we believe is really important, because only when you have a relationship with nature will you start to care for nature and the environment. After all, children are the future of our planet. 

Since we wanted to print our book with eco-friendly FSC labelled paper, using vegetable based, mineral oil free ink, we had no choice but to publish the book ourselves. So to raise the funds for the printing, we decided to pre-sale the book on Indiegogo. We only need 450 sets sold to be able to make the first printing, so if you like our cause and mission and also want to participate in inspiring children to re-connect with nature, share our campaign to your network and pre-order your copy of the book to a child that you want to inspire to discover nature.

With no budget for marketing, we haven't been able to buy ads, Facebook shares on blogs and pages etc. We have to completely rely on people who feel they share our cause and  want re-connecting children with nature to share our campaign and re-post our videos and post on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc. 

Here's the link to our Indiegogo campaign

To give back to our most dedicated referrers, we have a referral contest, where you can earn a 100% discount of a book through your referrals

Thank you!

Wai Ching Yuesdotter (author) and Maria Öqvist (illustrator)

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