What did Arab Spring, Civil Rights, and the Union movement have in common? You guessed it - Music!

All successful social movements that I have studied had a soundtrack; that is, music that played a key role in spreading the message beyond the core constituency, engaging and inspiring people that would not have otherwise been involved.  This is one of the main points of Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony, a film documenting music's role (e.g., unity, motivation, communication) in overturning Apartheid.  

As reported by MSNBC, rap played a pivotal role in the 2011 Libya, Tunisia and Egypt uprisings:

[Rappers] are pushing the boundaries of freedom of expression across the Middle East. The rappers have even been credited with helping to spark the so-called Arab Spring uprisings that deposed three long-serving dictators and rocked several other regimes.

The significant factor is youth: 60 percent people in the Arab world are aged under 30. Rap popularized calls for reform and the Internet spread that message like wildfire. 

Recall how the will.i.am-produced “Yes We Can” music video (24 million views and counting) buoyed Obama and the movement he spurred for hope and change on the 2008 campaign trail.  Late last year when the Occupy Movement was faltering, a New York Times article pointed out that one of the movement's downfalls could be the lack of an anthem.  

As leaders in the emerging Nature Connection movement, we need to ask ourselves some hard questions:

  1. Does the Nature Connection movement need a soundtrack?
  2. If so, what types of music will be most effective and where would we want to them placed? 
  3. What is our role in creating the conditions for the appropriate Nature advocacy music to emerge? 

Here's some thoughts from my social enterprise, BALANCE Edutainment:

  • The popular refrain that “we are what we eat” seems reasonable on a physical level. Awfully reasonable when we are eating junk and beautifully reasonable when we are eating whole, organic foods. On the cultural level, however, one might say we are our music. We are what we listen to. We are what we learn the lyrics of. We are what we sing in the shower or in the car.Unfortunately, most popular songs glorify things that are making us unhealthy as individuals and as a culture.
  • Music, in its various forms including audio, performances and videos, is our most viral communication platform.   
  • If we want to deeply engage youth, we need to meet kids where they are at, which - with respect to music - is Youtube and the radio especially Disney Radio.  

If you got this far, I would love to hear your thoughts, especially to the question:

Does the Children & Nature Network in particular and the Nature Connection Movement in general need a soundtrack? 

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Hi Karen

I totally agree with you. When we started doing this work, we noticed that most of the children's music was performed by white men. When decided from the start that our album would be very diverse and feature a lot of children.

I really like the "Three little rappers in America show" video, and I would love to get those lil guys in the studio sometime... and performing outside.



Oh great idea Dave, Now I'm sure there are ways and means of finding out who they are. A BIG plus would also be that these little guys already had thousands loving them on the show and its probable that some people try to find out what they are up to nowadays. orm a PR perspective..  you let everyone know that these little guys were on AGT. etc

I never took notice of what year the show was BTW.. those little guys might already be quite big little guys  haha.


Actually Dave they might already have a manager and costa packet 

but you never know

they are called the Sh'Boss Boys



Thanks for the follow up Karen.  even if they have a manager they could potentially be featured on a song for our album.

they most certainly could and they are stilll only very young little and cute as it was all in the last two years. Good luck making contact.  let us know won't you?

Sent their manager an email today. I will report back.   

well done to you!

This is exciting  :-)

Came across a kids song called "Nature Walk" today:


Hey Michael!  Very cute. I like it :)

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