I'm a writer and a partner in a new publishing business called Bookpx (www.bookpx.com) .  We publish environmentally conscious eBooks for children that run on Apple mobile devices.


The goal of our books is to introduce children to the wonders of nature.  We hope to spark their curiosity and cultivate their desire to learn more about the animals they encounter in our pages.


To date we've got six books "on the shelf:" Just LIONS, Just GREAT APES, Just BIG CATS, Just FISH, Just CLOWNFISH, and Just PANDAS.  We have more in the queue for 2011.


I'm incredibly excited about this venture and would love to hear from others working in this arena.

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Hi Lori,


I've published an ebook for children on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle. The Kindle version is the most up to date and can be viewed on Apple devices. My book is for children roughly ages 7 to 10 and focuses on environmental themes. It is hard to catagorize because it is ficture, adventure, and science fiction all at the same time. I want to inspire kids to get outside and enjoy being in nature while educating them on related themes concerning habitat, conservation, wildlife behavior etc. I've had a hard time getting the word out and creating interest. Do you have any suggestions? You can find my book at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005MSOLTQ. In the mean time, I'll check out your webpage.


Hi Shirley,

Congrats on publishing your book--it sounds very interesting.

I really don't have any "magic bullets" for creating buzz about your book--it just comes down to a lot of hard work--getting out there on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, blogging, participating in forums like this, etc. My advice--talk about your book wherever you can. Tell everyone you know about the book and ask *them* to spread the word as well. Don't be shy--you are following your passion--share it!

Best of luck!


Lori.   Hi.   Interesting series just judging from the titles.   Hope you are finding lots of buyers !

     I have just one book that is for children as well as adults.   I posted Discussion piece about the book  yesterday Jan. 18 as "NEW BOOK ON NATURE EXPERIENCES.... "    Would welcome feedback, ideas etc.       Keith

Hi Lori (and others!) I'm interested in finding collaborators for e-book projects.

I have a certificate in Scientific Illustration from UCSC Extension and prior to that, a background in Environmental Studies and Natural History. I've been trained in ECE and Elementary Education (methodology, curriculum and developmental psychology).  

I'm a skilled fine artist with ability in a range of media, my favorites being watercolor and oil pastel. Portfolio samples and more about me can be found here.

I'm just getting started so am mostly looking at developing with iBook Author and InDesign ePub3 syncronized software. Eventually thought I'd like to beef up my HTML and CSS skills. 

Anyway best wishes, all!

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