Hello Everyone!

I am looking to create a network of people who are teaching and mentoring children outdoors with a forest school approach. I am located in Vermont, and I am hoping to connect with others here in the northeastern part of the U.S.

I just found out I missed the opportunity to be a part of conference that Claire Warden was presenting at in Chicago! Feeling a little disappointed, I have been searching for equivalent opportunities to learn from our forest school practitioners from overseas.

Is there anything on the horizon here in the states?


-Amy Butler

teacher/naturalist in Montpelier, VT.

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Hi Amy!

Thanks for getting back to me. I friend requested you so that I could message you and send my phone number.  In the meantime, feel free to email me -- misspea78@gmail.com

Amy Butler said:

Hi Marilyn,

We should have a conversation over the phone. I am so glad you found this thread. I would be happy to share with you about my work here in Vermont and what is on the horizon for future developments.

In short, Forest Schools have  a great opportunity here in New England to flourish. It's a great time to start something in your community, on any level!

Please feel free to email me and we can plan a time to chat. I'm happy to help and share resources.

And I will be offering a course this summer, more focused on K-6th.


Have you had any luck finding more trainings? I have just begun my search and not having terribly good luck finding information. I picked up a pamphlet today for a Waldorf forest and farm school summer training hosted by The Sunbridge Institute near NYC. This may be a bit closer to you, not sure. I was hoping to find something locally (I am in Buffalo, NY) but haven't found any leads yet. Cedarsong looks like a truly wonderful place and I would love to attend their training but it is very far, and I have very small babies at home. Maybe someday....

Anything new happening on this topic?  

Hello, This is our 13th year of offering residential courses in Denmark - the source of the forest school movement. You can find out more at www.insideoutnature.com 

Hi Susie! 

I just sent you a message. Cheers! 

Susie said:

Anything new happening on this topic?  


Are you in the New York area?

May I suggest the two forestry colleges, there.

Syracuse University has a great school, and

Pauls Smiths, is a smaller - more vocationally-oriented,

in the Adirondacks, in a town by the same name,

zip code:  12970.

They will probably be interested in offering support,

and/or literature, or "samples..."

W. Bud Brown


Check out the Antioch University - they have a Forest School certificate. 

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