I just wanted to let all of you outdoorsy folks know that I have a new book out.  It's all about hunting and conservation and shows kids the connection between the two.  I am pretty confident that the majority of you are non-hunters and this may seem like a stretch for you.  But it is you, the non-hunter that may enjoy this book the most. Various kids that have excelled in hunting and conservation are featured as well as how hunting organizations involve kids in overnight camps, wood duck projects and even art.  It looks at cool jobs such as state and federal wildlife agents, some are like the CSI of wildlife! It also contains a state by state guide that shows kids how to get involved no matter where they live.


Recently the book won the 2011 First Place for Best Book (other than a guide or travel book) by the Outdoor Writers Association of California.  I hope you have a chance to check it out.  You can find it at the publishers website www.safaripress.com, or on the internet at borders, amazon, or various smaller outlets.  The publisher and myself also offer bulk pricing. 


I have pasted the only "adult" section of the book below. Hope you enjoy it!        


A Note to Parents and Teachers

This book has been many years in the making, not on paper, but in my head. I had spent twelve very influential years of my life working at a wildlife park and then a zoo as an Animal Trainer and Educational Lecturer. I visited literally thousands of children through the school assembly program teaching wildlife conservation and education. I was the anti-hunter, convinced that a love of animals and concern for the environment was enough to save our wildlife. We just needed to stay out of the natural world.
Twenty years later I was still holding onto my anti-hunting beliefs when I met a big game hunter. I was intrigued to discover what would make someone want to kill our wildlife. Certainly they did not hold the same love of wildlife that had dominated my own life. And so my journey began. I immersed myself into the world of both the hunter and the hunted. What I discovered shocked me. Hunters and fisherman pay for more wildlife conservation in the United States today than all other members of society combined! I didn’t want to believe it but the facts were staring me right in the face. I had to let go of my well intentioned yet naïve anti-hunting views, for they were doing more harm than good.
This book teaches children the truth about hunting and the role it plays in the conservation of our wildlife. It gives them ways to get involved in conservation projects, hunting programs and shooting sports. It in no way encourages them to become little rambos, but instead leads them into our natural world encouraging thoughtful, ethical and responsible sportsmanship for both boys and girls. I would encourage you as the adult, parent or teacher to read it first. The message is clear.

Our wildlife of today will rely heavily on the hunter of tomorrow.


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