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I have had a wonderful life outdoors!  I spent much of my earlier childhood out dawn to dusk growing up in the beautiful town of Lake Forest IL (now unaffordable for most unfortunately) back in the 1960s to early '70s collecting butterflies, moths and insects. I still relish these memories now in my 50s.  I had boots up to my waist walking through swamps, countless miles along railroad tracks, identifying specimens, countless hours exploring microscopic life and more.  I moved to the Boston area in 1972 and continued my nature interests and expanded in amateur astronomy which also is lots of fun and attended Stellafane which I still go to in VT most summers (check out http://www.stellafane.com).  After 14 years in Austin TX (Oh those hot summers!) I now live in central PA which is absolutely gorgeous with endless trails, mountains and streams to explore and Penn State University with a nice entomology department, bug camps for kids at Shaver's Creek and the annual bug fair which is great.  I do lots of nature photography -see some here and lots more on my Facebook.

Live near here?  Want to go hiking sometime?

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