A cool idea of Sierra Club's: holding house parties all over the country to watch the Ken Burns documentary about National Parks and then talk about them. Wonder if something like that could be organized at another time around children nature, or if we should also plug into that particular day to add children to the conversation in some way. Please see this link:


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I agree that it is a cool idea, but not knowing what Ken Burns is going to say in this documentary (that Sierra Club says is focused on climate change), my preference would be to wait until we see it so we know how to use this documentary to support our movement. We can still do house parties.....Family Nature Clubs are perfect among other groups...but let's focus the issue for our purposes to minimize the risk of being "hijacked" by conservation issues rather than children's health and well being. I realize each serves the other but the messaging is different. My two cents. I would be interested in hearing Martin Leblanc's take on this. jt
MIke, good idea about "host-your-own-party packs." Could include a Nature Clubs for Families Toolkit, Nature Rocks Flocks, Nature Rocks Staycation Guide, other material.... At one point we were also talking about going through one of the services to sell (money to go to C&NN) tee-shirts, coffee cups, snake bite kits. Well, maybe not the last item.
Might be a parallel Nature Rocks House Party promotion with C&NN's.......
Interesting idea, but how about make it a yard party, with the house as a backup if it rains or gets too cold (as April sometimes does in Chicago)?

Also, something to add to the list of things to do: Adults can make plans for a No Child Left Inside Block Party for later in the summer. Here's what we did as kind of a last minute thing this summer: http://neighborhoodnature.wordpress.com/2009/08/15/planning-our-no-...
If you plan a NCLI Block Party for early in the summer, you can use it to introduce all the kids on your block (and their friends) to things they can do outside, close to home, all summer long.
These are terrific ideas, Eric. Maybe a house party (like Avery's Nature Circles) where, say, parents can simply talk about this issue and their own experience and next steps. And maybe one of the next steps could be a NCLI Block Party.....or forming a Family Nature Club.....getting involved in a regional campaign....etc.
Just to be sure everyone knows, I believe the Ken Burns PBS series on National Parks debuts Sunday, Sept. 27 and runs for five days. Check your local listings for time and station. It will eventually be produced as a DVD boxed set, and there is also a book to be published. It would be nice to enlist Ken Burns himself into the Children and Nature Network.

Speaking of celebrity supporters, in last Sunday's Parade Magazine, Jeff Foxworthy (host of the popular "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" TV show) talked about kids as follows, "We're probably the most overprotective generation of parents that's ever been on this planet, but I've found that if you turn a group of kids loose in the outdoors, they learn to work together. They learn how to build forts and solve problems, like, how do we cross this ditch or creek? That's how we all find out what we're capable of. Best of all, they figure out how to entertain themselves without electricity. Amazing!" I vote that Rich Louv should appear on Foxworthy's TV show.

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