We're hearing about all sorts of events in April that are being organized by C&NN Connect members, regional leaders, family clubs, natural leaders and natural teachers. We'd love to hear what you are thinking about or already have planned - a beach clean-up, a family hike, a week of science classes in a nearby creek? 


Let's G.O.! Just click "▶ Reply to This"  below, and post your news here. We'll be letting others know on Twitter, Facebook and in the Let's G.O.! news blasts.


Join the FUN and put your city on the map -- share your celebration of nature today!


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Well every week we are taking a bunch of local outdoor kids to hike and bike. We read stories, eat snacks provided by Kate's Real Food, Real Energy, and explore.



The school I teach at (Dan Lairon Elementary) in San Jose, CA participated in the CA Native Plant Society Going Native Tour for the third time in four years. Five of my students worked real hard and spent 3 months learning how to be docents and trying to acquire the knowledge it has taken me about 18 years to accumulate. Today was tour day, we had about 60 visitors. The kids did an awesome job and they got lots of very nice compliments. The kids shared their knowledge of the benefits of landscaping with CA native plants. Among other things, they knew the wildlife value of most of plants, where they grow in CA, the habitat type found in, they talked about the low maintenance requirements and zero need for toxic pesticides (a must in my life and around the 100% organic vegetable garden at our school). During the lull in visitation the kids had time for some exhilarating street hockey.

Time for a pizza party!!!!

Awesome stuff Larry!


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