Can you assist my brother-in-law? He lives near Sacramento in California


My work have a booth at a kids environment day (called Cache Creek Discovery Day) at a local nature preserve and we are looking for fun things for kids to do (in small groups or as individuals). We are trying to find small/short activities that give them an understanding of the plant-pollinator-wildlife cycle (or similar) that we can shape to our area. We want to highlight the importance of having vegetation around farm edges (especially riparian areas). Any ideas or resources we can hook into? We’ve thought about modeling or drawing but that seems kind of dull. We are also expecting a varied age range – 5 all the way to early teens.


What do you think? My brother-in-law is very musical so this may be an asset somehow too.



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There are some fun songs by the Bana Slug Band as well as Walkin' Jim Stoltz that have fun habitat- related lyrics.

Take a look at

they all have helpful activity and lesson ideas.

You star - thank you!


Treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, nature detective,....what ever you call it, having small and older children alike looking and exploring across the landscape sets the stage for learning. You can make age appropriate lists and send them out on a mission to look for pollinators.

It also helps to have a clue or two hidden in areas you've sent them to. A colorful ribbon tied where two habitats meet (a field and a forest) with a task attached to it can induce writing a song or a poem.

Add a magnifying glass and a pouch to bring back evidence. Modeling and drawing are great, but you can make it part of a bigger adventure including it in a nature detective hunt.

Good Luck!



Thanks Amy


I'll pass on your suggestions too.

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