I am a father of two (with one more on the way), and a nature lover who has lost his way in the pace of work/family/etc.  Now that I have children, I have a renewed focus on bringing them to nature and exposing them to all that there is to enjoy.  Thinking back to when I was younger and hiking on the Appalachian Trail from Georgia up through Pennsylvania, I gained to much clarity and peace in nature and I think our children desperately need that foundation.

I am thrilled to have recently come across C&NN recently and posted a link to them on my site Koddler.  They suggested that I pass along the word and mission of Koddler through this forum.

Koddler is a community-based resource (by-parents-for-parents) to help connect parents with local activities and events for their children.  We have been steadily growing for a year, but I can't help but notice the deficit in nature-based information on the site.  Your knowledge about your area would be a huge asset to Koddler and we could help spread the word further on children and nature.

If you have a moment, visit us.  If you have a favorite park, environmental area, nature center, etc that would be a great addition to the community...consider adding it to the site.  It only takes a few minutes, and we all know that small steps can make a big movement.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to getting my own children out there.


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Hi Rob. I echo Suz's suggestion that you join the Natural Families Network....or start your own Group site so you can communicate with your members. I made a presentation last Monday to a parents group in Spokane which had just started a similar nature group called the Sunflower Society, led by Natural Leader and Sierra Club member Chris Bachman. Their family group has grown considerably from a small start, and they are interested in helping start a regional Leave No Child Inside Coalition. When kindred spirits get together, a lot can happen. There is strength in numbers. More and more research is coming out about the learning benefits of connecting children to nature on a regular basis. Thanks for all you do.....as a dad and for all kids. John
Just visited Koddler - Nice site!
Hello Rob,  Check out my site http://outdoorbabynetwork.com this may be useful to you and you readers and you can reach out to our readers through our blogger and business group.

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