We live in town yet still are adjacent to woods, so we see a lot of wildlife in our yard.  I recently started a blog at www.slugyard.com about things that my kids and I see in the yard.  My kids then help me research what we saw- and hopefully got a photo of- and then post it.  We are learning a lot and others who read it are telling me how much they are learning as well.

My kids can now identify all sorts of insects, birds, and spiders.  When they find something in the yard, they come and get me to take a picture for Slugyard.  The other day my younger son called for me and said "Dad, I found a Western Blood-Red Ladybird Beetle!"  He is 5.  I think we are on the right track.

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Hi Mike! What a cool blog. I really like all your photography and information. You're developing quite a catalog, and of course a love of nature in your children. Thanks for sharing with us!
I just took a peek at your website....very cool! Where ever you live in the Pacific Northwest, you are certainly blessed. While we have our share of natural wonders here on the Illinois prairie, we certainly don't have many of the same wildlife. Keep up the good work of capturing your world in pictures, and in teaching your children to share your passion for the outdoors! CL
We live in the Portland area. We get a lot of rain, but this time of year it is always sunny and we all get to enjoy the outdoors.

Thanks for the encouragement! We have been enjoying creating the blog and have no plans to stop. I can't believe how much we have learned ourselves and how many of our friends who tell me that I posted something that they hadn't know before.

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