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I am writing a master's paper that emphasizes the growing movement of creativity in nature and the web.  I recall Thomas Berry with a quote (I have heard Richard Louv even say this before) that goes something like this:

“We must start to use a hybrid mind – a mind that combines the best of the virtual world with natural experience and activities.”       --Thomas Berry


However, that is not the direct quote and I would like to know if anyone knows what it is, exactly, and where it came from?  Book, lecture? 


Thanks for your help with this!




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Hi Tatiana! Great to see you here? Could the quote be from Wendell Berry? I bet someone here will know this. I hope someone chimes in!


Richard Louv mentioned that quote at his lecture in Boulder, CO recently -- at CU.  I wrote down "Thomas Berry" but I could have recorded it wrong.  Maybe Richard will chime in here?  lol!




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