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We're new here on the boards, but truly passionate about the mission.  My wife and I just founded Hike A Lot, LLC, a non-profit focusing on getting more and more people outdoors.  To amp up our efforts, we're planning a series of Summer trips in a travel trailer throughout KY, TN, OH, etc. to meet up with like-minded individuals as well as to review family hiking/camping/backpacking products and hot-spots.  


Currently we're trying to secure funding for our project to further extend our reach and our ability to host events and giveaways.  We have contacted several organizations that operate in line with our goals.  We will only accept sponsors that we firmly believe in.  No Monsanto here. :)  Our travel trailer will be wrapped with graphics that will showcase our mission and our sponsors.  We were wondering if anyone here had any leads for us to follow.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  


You are more than welcome to check the site out to learn a little more about what we're doing.  It's over at hikealot.com, but it's only in the developmental stages as of now.  The official launch will be soon.



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Hi Jody,

You might look into local Rotary International clubs in your region. We have two in our small town and both have been very supportive of children & nature initiatives. Rotary typically has a focus on families and youth, so what you're doing may align well with their mission. Just a thought...

All the best with your excellent new project!


Carmen Field

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