Sunday, Sept. 12, is National Grandparents Day in the U.S. Anyone planning to enjoy nature with grandparents or grandchildren? Tell us about it.

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I don't have grandchildren yet but I do have grandnieces and grandnephews.  I am starting to give them gifts of children's books about nature.  Among my favorites are Miss Rumphius and A Rose in My Garden.  As a children's author, I try to work nature and outdoor fun into almost all the books I write, such as The Twelve Days of Springtime which is a humorous story about a class of kids growing a school garden.  My newest book, All the Seasons of the Year, is written in the first person so that whatever person is reading it to a young child--whether parent, grandparent, sibling, caregiver, teacher--it is in the "voice" of the reader. And every seasonal verse celebrates doing something with a child outdoors. I didn't do a lot of nature activities when I was growing up, but outdoor experiences with my own kids have inspired me to share nature through my books.



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