Remembering: Reconnecting to the Soul of the World



          I learned today that the permanent tax breaks for the ruling class were made law earlier in the month. Most of the story has been particularly censored since our country is in such dire straits concerning our debt. In their book, America Who Really Pays the Taxes, Bartlett and Steele states, “Democrats and Republicans alike have enacted one law after another to create two distinct tax systems. One for the rich and powerful, The Privileged Persons’ Tax Law, and another for you and everyone else, The Common Persons’ Tax Law.”  They also illuminate how corporations pay virtually no taxes at all.  This is conclusive proof of the preadolescent selfish mindset of our somewhat elected officials. I don’t recognize the George Bush presidency, as it’s been an overthrow of the legitimate government by the massive fraud in the last two elections. Isn’t it time for a tax boycott? A United States Common Persons’ Boycott of Income Tax? Or at least an elders’ boycott as the government uses the surplus generated by social security taxes “to help pay for the income tax cuts given to affluent taxpayers.”  Barlett and Steele.

          Taxes have been amazingly evil as the elderly pay double taxes on their Social Security.  AARP knows this but does nothing.  They represent, in my opinion, the affluent elder. The blatant classicism is the reason if you take early retirement at 62, you can only earn $12,000 annually besides the pittance of early retirement Social Security. This is the way the ruling class and corporations want to manage the money we’ve earned through our lives, treating us as children and hoping we will die before we can access Social Security at all. Remember the word “privatize” actually means to deny. Privatization is the latest scam offered by the ruling class to get their hands on our money.

          This morning I was watching the good morning info-tainment shows as they were asking Mr. Bush his views of why we’ve recently had soldiers murdering Iraqi civilians. They were asking the man who promoted torture of prisoners as if they were asking real questions. The insane were talking to the more insane as if what they were talking about had validity. At least two of the info-tainment commentators, on the good morning news (or are they marketers?) are sports figures, which helps us to understand the corporate distaste for truth.


          As we know, George Bush was first appointed President by the Supreme Court [corporation?] and in the second election the neo-fascists were listening (spying) into phone conversations from the democratic leadership. With large amounts of fraud at the polls and rolls, we once again fraudulently appointed a President. Supposedly attributed to Stalin, “It isn’t the vote that counts; it’s who counts that really counts.” How else could we explain the election of the son of a previously failed president, who was a draft dodging deserter (whose military and driving records were mysteriously missing), an alcoholic, and whose only experience in life was business failure and being a business associate of Osama Bin Laden.  Propaganda works!

          We have lost our country.  We have lost our pretend democracy.  It’s you and I who must work together to make the American dream a real one.

          "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them, and these will continue till they have been resisted with either words or blows or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress." ~ Frederick Douglass

          In a number of traditions there are prophecies that suggest that there will be a more golden time coming around 2012. I hope that will be true for us. As we’ve experienced in this book, we have a number of challenges facing us, as well as ample solutions. I hope we will begin the challenges with the Earth on our side and a profound respect for following the logic and reason from the feminine side of us all, so that we can reconnect to the soul of the world.




Home is here


here where your heart


reaching beyond


to heal

 and be healed.

Here is home


the community of

each of us


to heal our wounded hearts,

to heal our wounded relationships,

to heal our wounded country,

to heal our wounded earth

one at a time

and all together

here now,

to stop our ceaseless searching.

There is nowhere else to go.

Home is here. Home is here



          I also hope we can see the munitions industries be given a surtax to make it less likely that the ruling class will make a significant profit from these industries or make them non-profits!.  The same bullets that kill our enemies also kill our own sons and daughters. “Consider that just about every place on earth where Americans are sent to fight and die, the bullets and missiles being slung at them were made in their very own country…shouldn’t this be a scandal? Shouldn’t people talk about it? Shouldn’t it be stopped?” ~ Fred Woodworth 


A Revolution Begins


In the mountains

the Earth smiles

and bees and trees

conspire to

make you happy

by being who they are

and conserving

the world we

so enjoy.

We, however,

wander aimlessly,

consuming whatever

 strikes our fancy,

having bought

the mind virus from

the corporate world.

“Consume. Burn. Deplete.

Destroy. Use Up. Waste.”

Oh, what a dark ride

we’ve been on,

my friend.

Our children look

at us with

the deep sadness

that only children

can carry

for a culture.

Why Daddy, why?

Of course we look away,

but maybe it’s time

to remember once again,

and begin to conserve

the world we’ve been given

for the sake of beauty,

for the sake,

the sake

of all Life.



         Find a place that calls to you, a place that seems to feel good to lay or sit down on… the earth or by a rock or a tree. Breathe in and as you breathe realize the earth and the trees and the plants and the creatures of the earth are breathing with you. We share the breath of the world. We are not separate from the web of life, but a strand in the web of life as Chief Seattle said two hundred years ago. Begin to listen…listen to the earth…begin to listen to your heart… Try to feel your thoughts coming from your heart, a very different experience of thinking.

           When asked what we need to do to save the world, the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh replied, “To hear the sounds of the earth crying.” So see if you can hear sounds, voices or any other experiences that will help you to connect to the soul of the world. “In the earth there is a soul they say and you are that,” as Rumi once said. In one of these exercises I heard a tree telling me not to be sad or angry with the pain of the world as my work was to do my part in the healing of the world, and the rest of the time to enjoy the passing of time and to enjoy the incredible beauty of this world.

             In this listening process we are not asking you to feel guilty for what is happening to our world, but to listen and feel the pain that is the pain of being alive. We all feel pain, the pain of childbirth in women, the pain of father loss for men, or meaning loss in men and woman, just the normal pain of life. When we can feel our pain and suffering including the pain of nature which is in us, not out there, we can grieve and let go, which deepens us, and allows us to live in the paradoxes of life.” Love Hurts, Love Heals, Love Hurts, Love Heals.

           It is through the movement of our grief and anger that healing and real joy occurs. Remember, “Anger, is love looking for a door” rfmj a normal part of life. Begin to breathe, and as you do, with the in breath say to yourself OPEN and on the out breath say to yourself HEART, because it is only with an open heart that we can begin to heal ourselves and our world …in… out… in… out… begin to allow a smile to form on your lips as this begins to allow healing to occur…Open…Heart.

             “The secret of protecting the heart is to keep it open even when it rains”rfmj…breathing in, breathing out… notice what you notice…no judgment…see if you can feel the earth breathing you …feel the love …feel the connection to all that is alive.

           In his work with people with near death experiences, cardiologist Pim van Lommel reports people feeling the loving presence of a being made of light, entirely loving without judgment. They feel they are one with nature and the planet; there is no longer a difference between themselves and others. It is not about power, appearance, nice cars, clothes, or a young body.    

          It is about loving for yourself, for nature, for your fellow human beings. The message is as old as time but they now experience it in a way that they have to live by.  This is not “woo woo,” this is real life and what we are doing now…Listening and Breathing… experiencing nature is as real as the breakfast you had this morning. Remember this experience and when we finish here take time to come slowly out of this experience and write, draw, paint or sculpt what you have learned, and remember sometimes there are no words.  If possible do this with another person and allow time to share your experiences….Namaste











          I hope you have found this book to be inspiring and I hope you will slow down your life to take the time to see the beauty as well as to learn from the pain. I feel art is so important in helping us to balance and see the world in different ways than conventional wisdom would suggest. Real art tells the truth. Are we ready for the truth? I believe we are, as our world has gotten so crazy that we speak in marketing vernacular most of the time these days.  Remember to conserve, don’t consume, as a way of healing yourself and the planet at the same time.  Thank you for taking the time to read my book or is it really our book as we realize once again the importance of community in our lives? Remember the way fairy tales used to end before Disney shortened the ending is “They had pain and pleasure in equal measure and so Lived Happily Ever After.


Spirit of the Valley;

An Earth Prayer for World Peace


The last rays of the setting sun

kiss the wet cob [earth]

and sings in colors

A prayer for Peace.

The Earth she calls to us

to remember

that to be human

means touching,

caressing all that

is alive.

And forgiveness

most of all

prays us all

towards the world

we want to live in,

as brothers and sisters

of all this incredible Beauty;

where there is


There is always Peace.


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