Wilderness Outreach is a 501(C)3 non profit organization whose primary focus is reaching out to the urban & suburban youngsters of Georgia. We strive to introduce them to the natural wonders in the world around them. We seek out single parent families which may never have the time or opportunity to enjoy these outdoor activities. Wilderness Outreach leads "Access Nature" weekend events for both boys and girls ages 10-15 years old. During the Summer Wilderness Outreach holds week long Wilderness Education Camps. Wilderness Outreach is also involved with local Parent/Teacher Organizations leading an Outdoor Education Class.

Activities include: Nature Scavenger Hunts, Wildlife Observation Hikes, Wildlife Photography, Bird Watching , Tree ID's, Butterfly Chase, Compass Reading, Map Reading, Wilderness First Aid,

Wildflower Hikes, Ziplines, Vine Swinging, and more.

Wilderness Outreach has a huge Problem/Opportunity facing us. The property that has been our basecamp for all activities and camps is being sold. Wilderness Outreach has been given first opportunity to purchase the 17 acres. However, Wilderness Outreach does not have the funds to even make an offer to buy. We are seeking support through donations, individual sponsors and corporate sponsors. All donations are tax deductable and for an outstanding cause.

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Hi Ricky

Contact these guys who can probably help you with a crowd Funder. I am currently working with them to set my onw CF up and they are really very good ..  you can but email them to find out.. http://cultofthree.com

Good luck


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