I'm organising a Woodcraft Folk camp session on art.

I want to get children making site-specific art in a woodland area.

I am pretty new at this - as a parent my nature activities tend to be more the free exploration type! But as part of Woodcraft Folk and as a home educating parent I need to move on the more organised activities.

It would be mixed age - toddler to adult! And ideas, pointers, practical tips for gettig a good session going would be appreciated.

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Hi Katherine. Welcome to the forum! It's great to see you here. What sort of art do you envision? As inspiration, Sarah Crutchfield wrote a blog piece about magical woodland fairy art. It's here: http://childrenandnature.ning.com/profiles/blogs/fairy-magic-at-the.... Perhaps that will give you some ideas. I'd love to know what you're thinking about and what you end up doing.

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