Little Creatures Films has just finished making a short children's film that we know the C&N network will appreciate and love, and we are currently raising funds to distribute it on  Here is a little bit of information about Little Creatures, and here is more about Spirit Ship itself.  In addition, here is our blog.

Little Creatures Films provide a window onto young children's open-ended imaginative adventures, told in their own voice.  The films redirect children’s gaze away from the screen and back outside, inspiring child viewers to create their own play experiences from the ground up. To distribute their first film Spirit Ship to festivals and families around the world, and produce more films, Little Creatures Films is raising $5,000 by January 2! Spirit Ship is just the first of a whole series of films we plan to produce, that will fulfill the mission of showing kids all over the world doing what they do best -- playing, so that other children can learn and be inspired to play in their own unique way.


This is a wonderful opportunity for you all to support innovative live-action media for young children, and to help Little Creatures create more films that feature children's authentic imaginative play!


Warmest wishes,

Kristin B. Eno
Founding Director, Little Creatures Films
Brooklyn, NY

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Hi Kristin. Thank you for sharing information about Spirit Ship. I remember reading a bit about it last year on our web site Movement Map. Congratulations on finishing the film! I wish you all success in financing its distribution. Feel free to post short clips of it here. I'm also really glad you joined the forum and are engaged in various discussions and groups. Hope you continue to get a lot out of it. See you soon!

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