I am in the beginning stages of planning a full time, multi-age, outdoor school in Charleston SC.  The school setting would consist of treehouses and many outdoor meeting spaces in a wooded space.  The focus would be on experiential education, field trips, connection with nature, mentoring and student governance.

This model seems to be unprecedented in the US, although growing in Europe as "forest schools".  Does anyone know of other schools in the US with a full time program as opposed to after school or camps?

I'm going to need alot of camaraderie with this so any advice would be helpful!

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It isn't full time outdoors, but the Watershed School in Fairbanks, Alaksa is doing some amazing things! They seem to have really struck a balance between what does actually work in traditional schools and what should be done outdoors and in the community. In Fairbanks they are known as the "skiing school." I'm working to compile multi-age and place-based resources for curriculum on my webpage Taiga Teacher. Hope these help.

In my own research for starting a place-based charter school I discovered the Muddy Creek School a while back. This link  https://www.google.com/search?q=muddy+creek+charter+power+point&... to their powerpoint presentation was really helpful. It is their guidelines and framework for how the school functions. I believe it is what they used to make the pitch for becoming a charter school.

This is great!  Thanks so much for the link!  I've just about finished my business plan and am in the process of getting some great land locked down.  I'm still shooting for school year 2013-2014 which is shockingly just around the corner.  I'm interested to see what the response will be in this area of the country.  It will either be a big hit or I'll be chased out of town!

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