The beloved child hood story of the Three Little Pigs, included a straw house.  Unfortunately, a wolf blew down that straw home.   The modern day version of straw homes are a bit sturdier, and helping to heal the earth. 

Mr. Paul Gallimore of the Long Branch Environmental Education Center, discussed the additional use of straw in home building, "...the straw bales are commonly finished with earthen plaster. The plastered walls provide some thermal mass, compressive and ductile structural strength, and acceptable fire resistance as well as thermal resistance (insulation), somewhat in excess of North American building code. Straw is an abundant agricultural waste product, and requires little energy to bale and transport for construction. For these reasons, strawbale construction is gaining popularity as part of passive solar and other renewable energy projects."    

Moreover, according to an article on the  Science Daily website, in a study at the University of Nevada, Reno, Darcey Donovan's straw bale home withstood the shaking of a simulated, 82 ton earth quake.

The Straw bale home has evolved since the three little pigs, or at least, our knowledge about them has grown.

Strawmanor is a straw filled, beloved, eco-retreat nestled on a lake in the Texas Hill Country.  It was created with the purpose of helping heal the earth, being a sanctuary for people, nature, and wild life.   Families gather there every year with their children and grandchildren.  They enjoy the deer, sunsets, birds, the lake and nature.  They especially love the straw filled house!   

Stop by Strawmanor....reduce your nature deficit!

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