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I'm very pleased to have become a member of the Children and Nature Network.

 I have written a book for children with the goal of instilling an interest in nature and informing children about the natural environment while also entertaining them. The following is an overview of  The Animal Seeker taken from another site. The book is an E-book and can be found at the link above as well as Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Diesel ebook libraries. I believe it would make a good springboard for discussion between students and teachers.


Imagine a world where children have never been outside. The only animals they’ve ever seen are images on a screen. They’ve never seen a wild animal, walked in the woods or played in a grassy field. This describes the world Fike is from, but now there is a movement on his planet to return to get back to nature. Fike has accepted a mission to travel through space to find animals to replace the wildlife his world has driven into extinction.

Now picture Earth, and imagine a rare place where a ten-year-old boy, Tommy, and his best friend, a black lab named Nept, are able to roam and explore freely. Their playground is the forest and they are very familiar with the forest inhabitants, observing and interacting with the animals daily.

These three characters are destined to have an encounter and the results are far-reaching and unpredictable. Read this sci-fi adventure and imagine yourself at this turning point for two worlds.

The Animal Seeker is a chapter book for children approximately 7 to 10. It is appropriate for younger children as well, especially if read with the help of an adult. The book is divided into 8 chapters and is a fun and entertaining sci-fi adventure story, but it also seeks to educate children on themes of nature, conservation, wildlife and wildlife habitat. A number of colorful wildlife characters are introduced and several play a central role in forwarding the plot.


From the start, I've hoped this book would open the eyes of some children at least to the joys of nature. I hope you will read and enjoy it. Please let me know if I can help you with any questions or problems.





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