Hi, I am completing a dissertation on outdoor play and i am looking for helpful links and information in regards to my question which is.... How does outdoor play benefit children developmentally, and do parents and carers value outdoor play that settings provide.

Any information relating to this would be gratefully received,

Thank you

Jacqui Tymon :)

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As a long time summer camp councillor, I can see how outdoor play can benefit children. It teaches them to be aware of random stimuli in the environment; of animals, plants and non - living things in nature. Also, it may reduce ego-centricism, as the child must be aware that animals think differently than they do. I don't know any scientific numbers to back up these observations, but if you're looking into raw data, try the California children's outdoor bill of rights - it has information on the benefits of outdoor play

Jonathan Guthrie

Hi Jacqui
Have you read Wild Play by Sobel? Last Child in the Woods by Louv? Or Children and Nature by Kahn and Kellert (more of a psychological perspective)? I would definitely recommend those books. They are good in themselves but you can also use the references and work cited (found at the end of the books) for many more resources. How is your dissertation going? I would love to hear more about it. Will it be available to read when you're done? I am just beginning my graduate studies but am trying to take a similar focus. Good luck!

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