I am new to this forum and am looking forward to meeting and discussing topics with you all!

I recently viewed the video "Where do the Children Play?" for the second time at a staff meeting where I work.  Once again I found it enjoyable as well as informative for those that are unaware of the changes in our society; the way people view the "natural world" and how lifestyles have changed over the years and restrict our children's time and opportunities to go out and play.  I am viewed as  the crunchy granola teacher at school, the crazy one that takes the kids out in the rain...I am hoping that this video impacted my co workers in some way...I found it frustrating that we did not have a discussion of the film afterwards...I guess I should initiate one over lunch. My close friend and co worker did say to me she was bummed that we weren't listening to the Cat Steven's song...LOL. 

Litttle did he know at the time of writing his song, "Where do the Children Play?", what a hot topic it would be years later!   

I was curious how many of you have heard of the video and/or have seen it? I would be happy to share the information on it or I guess you could just google it.


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Hi Sharon,

Check out www.projectwild.org...It's a great interactive program for older kids.  I have used a lot of there activities, they are a lot of fun!



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