Dear All,
Can you suggested a type of wagon, barrow or carrying vehicle that I can use to transport all of my equipment to the forest sites I use during my nature classes? At the moment I'm using my double pushchair which my husband thinks makes me look a bit mad!

Car park to site is up to 750 metres, over tracks and tree-rooted paths. I need to transport a 6 metre tarp, suitcase sized bag containing equipment, small one-man tent and 5 litres of water. A friend thought a barrow carp fisherman use to transport their gear may work.

All suggestions gratefully received!

Many thanks.

Mandy Tulloch
Aberdeen, Scotland.

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Go to and search on "surf fishing carts" - you may see something you like...

Try this link too...
Hi Mandy

It's a shame you can't use a donkey or a wee Shetland pony. Would a bicycle cart work or are the paths too bumpy?
We use a couple of re-purposed childrens wagons (with rope to extend the handles) but we are mostly traveling on sidewalks and turf grass.

I've looked at steel garden carts with large pneumatic tires. These might be better on soft trails, tree roots, etc.

There must be specialty vendors in Scotland or the UK.

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