West Kingston Elementary School (WKES) participated in our first ever "Outdoor Challenge" – a school wide competition to encourage the WKES community to try to spend as much time as possible outside.

From Wed, April 16 through Wed, April 30, students were asked to log the # of minutes they spend outdoors in any capacity (except those spent participating in organized sports teams). Students were given some suggestions on how and where to go outside and play, hike, ride bicycles, engage in community cleanup efforts, garden, and more. Teachers were encouraged to bring their classes to the Ann Perkins Outdoors Classroom for activities and lessons using materials that were purchased through a grant.

Participation prizes were given to each student who joined in the challenge and handed in their log. The class with the highest average minutes outside was awarded an extra recess period by their teacher. In addition, the top students in each grade received one of the many fabulous prizes that were donated by local EE orgs.

I'm happy to share our documents and what we plan to do differently next year so you can make it happen in your schools. Just reach out!

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