At the Center for Living Peace, we do everything we can to help others discover more about what it means to "live peace", in the hopes that whenever people leave the Center for Living Peace, they discover their own definition of what it means to "live peace". Everyone who visits us can learn more about peace and learn about how their own talents and gifts can influence peace in their lives and around the world.

Whether its through arts and crafts, yoga, meditation, or giving back to the community, peace can be a wonderful attribute to one's daily life.

We believe that when we "live peace", GOOD HAPPENS. 


With that, our first discussion topic is:

What does "Living Peace" mean to you?


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“Peace Rains”


Let the song be sung from across the globe that

“Peace Rains.”


May we look into the hearts and spirit of each human being and know “We Are One, “Peace Rains.”


To each Mother and Father may their hearts whisper in the ears of children everywhere,

“Peace Rains.”


May each child shed no tear, have no fear, hear no cries of pain, see no sight of bloodshed, but let them hear the song to be sung from across the earth that

“Peace Rains.”


May the waters, streams, and oceans far and wide dance with the delicate hum of nature’s song,

 “ Peace Rains.”


May our leaders know and understand us, and may we know and understand them.

 “Peace Rains.”


For those who have walked and died in peace before us,

 “Peace Rains.”


May the silence you hear in the softness of your breath tonight, be the breath that travels on the ethers of the Earth, that becomes the lullaby “We Are One” and in that silence we feel the gentle understanding of

 “Peace Rains”



Kathy Parra

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