Since 2005, Environmental Concern has been connecting the magic of imaginations with the wonders of wetlands through the Write On! Wetland Challenge. Kindergarten through 9th grade students across the nation have brought wetland stories and illustrations vividly to life. Now, we hope to deepen that connection by integrating the winning stories into the classroom. Each educational wetland story set includes six entertaining wetland-themed stories, a free teacher’s kit with readers guides, and reproducible activities and games for each story.  Now available for the low price of $35 plus shipping and handling.


Each set includes the following stories,

   plus a FREE Teacher’s Kit:

2005 Wetlands Make Sense

2006 Wetlands A-Z

2007 Sammy’s Wetland Adventure

2008 Henry Saw Something

2009 Riddles of Green Boggy Marshes

2010 Austin Discovers His Amazing Adaptation



To order your set:

 call: (410) 745-9620 or visit: to find order forms online




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