It's that time of the year when our global community of youth leaders come together to unite at the Natural Leaders Legacy Camp at Islandwood on Bainbridge Island, Washington. This year’s Legacy Camp represents 60 communities, and the minute the flights started to trickle in, the conversations sparked deep conversations about careers, communities back at home, and common passions.

Over the next three days, at Islandwood, participants will gain skills through the Legacy Camp that will further the movement of connecting youth, families, and communities with nature.


Building on our success, the Legacy Camp trainings team has created a curriculum called the "Playbook" that covers several areas of youth engagement and illustrates to participants how to implement the 4 objectives: A Let’s, G.O. Get Outside Event, A community service project, participate in National Geographic’s Great Nature Project, and Islandwood’s Nature Passport. I'm so enthusiastic about this year’s crowd and I look forward to empowering them to be the leaders of today. 

We are the Natural Leaders Network creating the changes we wish to see by taking action on the issues that affect us today.

Below: Richard Louv joins us via Skype to speak with the participants.

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