On June 25, I was was one of the 200 folks who came together to hear Secretary Sally Jewell's discussion on Children, Conservation, and the Future of America's Great Outdoors, moderated by Richard Louv. The day prior I was with over 100 youth at the Fish and Wildlife National Conservation Training Center, training young leaders on Climate and Conservation. I was honored to take some time away from the agenda and hear what our new secretary had to say about issues so close to home. It was absolutely amazing to hear such a valuable discussion. Richard Louv and Secretary Jewell get it. It is such a breath of fresh air to hear that Children, Conservation and America's Great Outdoors are valued. Secretary Jewell's passion is infectious; She speaks genuinely about her efforts to use her "megaphone" as a tool.

I was given the chance to personally thank her for her years of support at the  discussion. It is great to know that she is advocating for our future. I have no doubt my generation will not to be the last to swim in a river or see more stars than they could ever count.

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