What is happening to the people in parks in Melbourne? I would love to network with Natural Teachers and Parents in Australia.  


Recently I discovered that my local Steiner Kindy is having to apply  for special concideration to allow their children to go into the outdoor play area. More details available. But this is so they do not set a precedent for other schools. 


Richard Louv's visit raised awareness in the media last year and I thought wow finally someone listening. We even had a visit from Free range Children Author.  A momentum is needed to keep the awareness out there that our children are over protected from nature. And are defecit in Nature experience.


Stewart Hill former chair of Social Ecology spoke of the downside of my own sand pit is being separate small voices  and the importance of sharing between sandpits. While manyof us are acting locally we need to connect to a bigger voice.


Lets get together. 



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This looks like quite an old topic...4 years old! I'm wondering how you're going in connecting Australian nature enthusiasts? two friends and I are starting a forest school in Port Macquarie, NSW and would love to learn from people who have been in the industry for a while. I know that there are a few forest schools down in Melbourne and South Victoria...have you been involved with any of those? Let's get this discussion going again ;)


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