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It was great to hear all your responses and to know there is a lot of net working going on across the country.   In the process of putting together my workshop I unearthed 2 more great DVDs, great resources for teachers and learning tools for parents. 

Learning With Nature which is a collaborative project of the Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensions Educational Research Foundation.  Nature Explore is a company that provides resources for teachers and does minimal promotion through out the video.  I like the company and it's philosophy, I have used a lot of their ideas and I have purchased the natural blocks and love them!  As far as tree cookies, I had my husband and a friend cut some from fallen trees.  As I said their ideas are great but if you need to be frugal with your money there are creative ways to find/make some of  the items. 

When Learning Comes Naturally is a DVD that was produced in association with the Child Development Institute at Sarah Lawrence College.  You can find it at thelearningchildseries.org.  This video shows different schools and their ways of getting the kids in touch with nature.




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Deb, I was so happy to hear that you have found Nature Explore  (Arbor Day and Dimensions collaborative project) resources helpful! You may also want to try the Nature Expore Families' Club and the Family Toolkit that can be downloaded free from our website (natureexplore.org). They are full of ideas for parents and can be used individually or as a group.



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