What is the most daunting obstacle blocking the use of an emergent curriculum in your classroom?

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I found that worrying about explaining the learning to parents was freezing me in place.

Hello Marie,

I am a 5 star family child care home provider and I do provide emergent curriculum in my center. Being a FCCH, I am only licensed to have 5 preschool children in my care. I choose to have infants and toddlers. I provide daily outdoor time for my children and they love it. I might provide an activity but with these young minds and different interests, it always gets taken further to explorations that I wouldn't have even thought of sometimes. I love being an emergent curriculum provider. It's the basis of how children learn on their own. But I would say the parents would be my obstacle due to the fact they want structure and guidance for their children. It is hard to explain to them that emergent curriculum is not letting the children run wild, but a chance to let them learn and engage on their own. But once I video their children during part of their day and then explain to the parents of  what they are seeing their children do then they usually see what it is all about and are thankful that I provide such a place for their children to grow, learn and play. 


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