Have you been successful connecting with media folks in your area about Let's G.O.!? I'd love to hear the secrets to your success, and I am guessing some other members of our community might be scratching theirs heads about how to connect with media too. I know some of you have been creative, stealthy, and persistent in garnering media attention and support for your events and I can't wait to put your ideas into action in my community! Thanks in advance for sharing!

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Kathy Bull, of NCCAN (North Carolina Children and Nature Coalition) is a great grassroots organizer and a pro at getting media attention for her events. She has generously supplied us with a couple of templates that might be helpful in reaching out to media.


Kathy writes:

We grow stronger when we use our media partners to get the word out about the movement and our efforts. Here are a couple templates that might be helpful- One is an OP-Ed (editorial opinion) and the other is a PSA (public service announcement- most media outlets are required to o a certain number of PSA's- get them to make your one of them!)

Don't forget to thank any media outlets that cover your story or articles- keep a record of who they are and start your personal media contact list. Good Luck!


[+] Download the PSA_LETSGO.doc


[+] Download the LETSGO_OPED.doc



Hi Rebecca,

One of our local reporters picked up on Let's G.O.! through our branding of events that we'd been submitting to his newspaper's online calendar. Here's the Opinion article he wrote for today's issue of our local weekly, the Homer News in Homer, Alaska:


Good advice for young, old: Let's get outdoors and play





Carmen Field

Chairperson, Nature Rocks Homer

That's a wonderful story, Carmen! It's personal, conveys a lot of information, and also manages to let people know about all the great events and efforts happening around Homer for Let's G.O.! and beyond. We just put it on our C&NN news site, too. Thanks for sharing, and have fun this weekend!



Here's a link to more coverage of Let's G.O.! This time it's C&NN Connect member Zach Pine and the 7th annual Create-With-Nature event that happened in the San Francisco Bay Area over the last weekend. Great quotes, information and pictures. Way to go!



Let's G.O.! got some recent media attention from U.S.A. Today! This wonderful round-up of campaigns and organizations that help individuals care for the Earth on Earth Day and beyond includes Let's G.O.!, the Sierra Club, and many more:






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