I'm very excited to announce that C&NN has partnered with Jane Jacobs Walk to encourage child/family, nature-based walks within our local communities. Jane Jacobs Walk is a program of the Center for the Living City, a nonprofit organization created by people who knew Jane Jacobs and were fortunate enough to call her a friend.  As an organization Center for the Living City celebrates her life and legacy by helping people organize walks in their communities around the time of Jane’s birthday in early May.


Jane Jacobs was a community organizer who helped to save her neighborhoods from destruction by the hands outside interests.  She invited everyone to see how cities actually work through experience, to go out and see what makes a neighborhood thrive.


We honor Jane Jacobs by helping people leave the isolation of their homes to come together to experience areas of their city outside of the automobile.  Our mission is to help people walk, observe, and connect with their built communities.  We make a difference because a Jane Jacobs Walk enables members of a community to discover and respond to the complexities of their city through personal and shared observation.


This year, we have partnered with C&NN to encourage children and families to get outside and experience their communities and the nature within them. We will offer support, guidance, and media publicity to organizations or individuals across the country who would like to organize a walk.


Anyone can host a Jane Jacobs Walk in their community. All it takes is a passion for the places in which you live, work or play. If you have an idea for a Jane's Walk in your community, I encourage you to check out the link below.




And email me with any ideas or questions you may have.




I am very passionate about reconnecting communities with nature. The possibilities are endless. If you want to host a walk, but don’t know how to get started or need ideas please feel free to email me. I’d love to help!

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Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for letting us all know about this. We at C&NN are so supportive of getting children and families out in their neighborhoods to have fun, experience nearby nature, and learn about their own environments, which in turn makes their neighborhoods safer for other children and families to go out and play in them and enjoy them.

Jane Jacobs was a tremendous influence on many people working today to preserve neighborhoods and their enjoyment. It's wonderful that you and the folks at the Center for the Living City are honoring her work by designating a day for people to host and attend Jane Jacobs Walks. I hope that a lot of people here register walks and use the opportunity to get out and have fun and further promote this good work.


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