Does anyone have especially efficient and effective ideas or means for collecting the data we've been asked to provide to the C&NN Survey due in November?  I was going to do a shout-out on our listserv and to our leadership team, and wonder if someone else has a better strategy.


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Hi Marilyn, Not sure if this is helpful, but wanted to be sure everyone saw

the email below that was sent as a followup to the initial survey request.  It has a template leaders can use if they need to collect information from partner organizations. 

Thanks, Avery


REMINDER: You're Invited to Participate in the 2011 Survey

Please use the link at the bottom of the page to access the survey.

To assist those of you who are working with multiple groups in one campaign or region, we've prepared an email and document with some of the questions from the survey that you will want  your local partners to answer to allow you to obtain aggregate data for your region. Download the sample email and partner questions here.
I can not get the links to work in this reply so if you need this doc, please email me and I will send it right out.  Thanks, Avery

The 2011 survey can take about 20 minutes to complete, or less. The main questions that could take more time—and for which you might prepare in advance—have to do with demographics in your area, including income, ages, and racial groups. Use this link to review the sets of questions before you click the link to take the survey: Download the PDF

If you don’t complete the survey in one sitting, remember to save your work. You can return to complete it at a later time. The survey will be online for approximately two months, with a closing date of Friday, November 4.

To read the report of the 2009 Grassroots Survey, go to

Your help is deeply appreciated—and is very important to “moving the movement.”

Warm best wishes,


Cheryl Charles, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Children & Nature Network


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