S.O.S. volunteers combatted ‘Alien Invaders’ in Indiana; joined the Great Trash Stash in Illinois, the Buffelgrass pull in Arizona, restoration planting in California, trail maintenance in Nevada, creek cleanup in Maryland, tree planting in North Carolina, and the Zia Campus Clean-up in New Mexico, where the entire school and surrounding neighborhood was invited to help beautify the campus. We’d love to hear about your event.

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The coastal cleanup events were a great way for families to work together to clean up our beaches.  The kids especially liked seeing the butterflies.  They said that the butterflies were sticking around to watch them clean up the beaches. 

Oahu's community members protected their native forests from plant invaders for Serve Outside September!

Students and other members of the community volunteered for a day with the Oahu Invasive Species Committee in partnership with Lyon Arboretum to track down and remove harmful invasive plants to prevent their spread into Oahu's healthy native forests. Volunteers braved bouts of rain, clouds of mosquitoes, extremely thick vegetation and muddy conditions to cover over 6 acres of ground and removed almost 700 plants of these harmful species! OISC and its volunteers were very pleased to participate in the S.O.S. campaign!  


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