Do any of you have experience with starting a community garden? Best practices? Discoveries? Blog posts? How-to's? Lessons learned? All that good stuff. I would be so grateful. We are in the process of doing just that. Zoning has been approved, plots marked, and everything is set to go.

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For community projects in general, there is a great resource on the C&NN web site called Community Action Guide which you can find at .  For community gardens, you would get a welcome reception at places like 4H, Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists (the latter two must serve 100 hours as volunteers) and landscape architects at colleges and universities.  Also at universities are Service Learning units that require students to serve the community and earn credit for their college courses.    Community gardens are great projects for service learning for students studying a wide range of disciplines, including education.  Connecting to public and private K-12 schools is also recommended.  I am sure you will get a response from others on this great question.  Good luck and keep us posted.  John

Hi Alina,

 My name is Corine and i've been gardening (in a community garden)at an early learning and childcare program in Manitoba, Canada with a group of school and pre-school aged children for the past 6 years. I've started blogging about it on the Manitoba Nature Summit Inc. website- That's a start but i'd be happy to chat sometime if you have more questions.

Happy Growing!

My mother found out about a place in England that has created an edible landscape for everyone to profit from in Tordmonden, England. She is planning on visiting there later this month. It is called Incredible Edible.

Perhaps this link would help?

Best to you!


The Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati has been doing community gardens for 35 years and  has a 12 class Community Garden Development Training program.  Perhaps they can share information/materials with you on-line.  Their website is  You'll find information about the CGDT under "Education".


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