Hello Fellow Natural Teachers, I am seeking information regarding how schools integrate art into their school yard habitats and gardens. If your school or institution has incorporated art projects such as murals, birdfeeders, scuptures etc., would you please  send me an email at dmalosh@outsideartlessons.com? I would need your name, the name of your school or institution and a description as well as duration of the project. Lesson plans and pictures would be great too. I would be happy to share this information with everyone once it is compiled. Sharing it here on the network would be great too.Thanks in advance for your help. - Dawn

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Such a great topic - Lot's of examples to chose from but one of the best over here is Oak Grove College, http://oakgrovecollege.org.uk/ Just click on 'grounds' and watch the images rotate! There are contact details there too.
Also a couple of case studies on the LTL website under 'transforming learning' focus on creativity http://ltl.org.uk/learning/casestudies.php
Attached is a resource we sent out for the UK National School Grounds Week last year - about taking arts into the school grounds, and another from a couple of years ago on environmental art. Loads more similar resources are availble for our members to down-load from our website too.
And this is why I advocate that all UK schools join Learning Through Landscapes or its Scottish sister Grounds for Learning. There are so many resources and ideas that have come out over the years.

Inverallochy School has done a lot of fence art. Here's the link


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