I'm wondering if  you know of any resources connecting music to  the outdoors ?

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Hi Kari

I tend to buy books and CDs that have songs about native animals, trees, birds, etc. Have a look and ask Debbie Clements on here Facebook page "Rainbows within Reach" https://www.facebook.com/pages/RainbowsWithinReach/109301455796376

Alec at Child's Play Music will give you the best advice about creating instruments and playing with sound outdoors. The guy is a total legend http://childsplaymusic.com.au 

For general advice about music wall, siting outdoor instruments etc. then I have several  popular blog posts (seriously - in my top 20 all time list) which can be accessed via this page (scroll down to the music section) http://creativestarlearning.blogspot.co.uk/p/art-music-outdoors.html 

Thanks Juliet for great resources. 

Check out the Blues Rangers.  All of the members of the band are foresters!!!  http://www.myspace.com/thebluesrangers

We do a different topic each week. I scour the Internet for related songs and fingerplays. Would love to see some good basic compilations on outdoor themes.


My name is Jeff Wolin and I am a Park Ranger in Colorado. The National Park Service just released a CD called, "Songs for Junior Rangers," and it was designed to use the power of music to help connect to the outdoors (also history).

You can find out more about it and get some free downloads at:


best regards!  Jeff

Hi Kari.

If you are looking for songs that connect children to nature, I am a singer/songwriter with a collection of nature songs for kids. The songs are both fun and educational, with catchy melodies and lively rhythm. They are written for children ages 3 to 9 years. You can listen to my songs on my website or on my iTunes page. I hope that's helpful.

Cheryl Procaccini aka Birdsong

Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders

Hello. Acorn Naturalist has great resources for music and other things concerning outdoors and curriculum. http://www.acornnaturalists.com/ I love this company. Good luck, Vanessa

I am late to this group, but hopefully this information will still be useful and inspiring.
First, check out Billy B. Http://billybproductions.com. He has catchy tunes and is featured by Project Learning Tree. Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood uses some of his songs as part of lessons.
Second, Banana Slug Stringband is an amazing group dedicated to getting kids to love Earth. They visit schools even. bananaslugstringband.com
Finally, borrow an old tune that kids know and change the words to fit your topic. The world of music done naturally is your oyster! The skies the limit. Have fun!
Wonder Bugs Preschool Teacher/Naturalist
Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Monona, WI


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