I am looking for a list (or am interested in making a list) of Environmental Schools.  If you are aware of a list, would you please comment on how I can get the list?  

In addition, if you know of, or work at  an environmental school would you please comment with the name of the school, location, level and the number of years the school has been an environmental school.  

I am interested in learning more about why some environmental schools can sustain for 10 or 20+ years and some falter after only a few years.  You may also email me directly with the school information at susan.powell@isd197.org if preferred.  

Thank YOU :)  Sue Powell

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At the back of this book is a list of schools based on the 8 shields model....


Good Luck

Hello there!

Earth's Creations Ecology School & Family ChildCare is in Fremont CA.  I opened in 2006 and I am at %75 capacity enrollment currently.  I am an Environmental Studies Graduate from San Jose State University.  I believe in sharing what I do so I do teacher education workshops as well to teach other providers and teachers what I do.  It is important to me to reach the global and local community with our work.  Thank you for your inquiry.

Hi Sue,

I don't know if you want to include Pre-schools in your count. But I've worked at Wildwood School it is an environmental arts preschool on 8 archers of Forest Service Land, just outside of Aspen CO. We are a non profit and we have maintained our own building (which is an earthen building) and a bus to lessen our impact on the area, since 1973, next year will be 40 years for us, I have worked there the last 20 years.  We have a large grow dome  to grow vegetables but because of our sever weather and being in a tight valley can't garden all year, but it has extended our growing season by 4 months. We take children from ages 2 1/2 up to 5 to 6.  I've been preaching about the benefits of children and nature for a long time, and now I am beginning to be asked to do workshops for other pre-schools in the area. So this movement is starting to move! Good luck!

Hi Sue,

Great project.  One of the people you should connect with is Brigitte Griswold with The Nature Conservancy.  She works closely with environmental high schools, and was trying to connect a couple of dozen of them across the U.S.  She is especially close to the environmental high school in New York, where she lives.  Her email address is bgriswold@tnc.org .  Tell her I suggested you contact her.  She is a founding follower of The Children & Nature Network and one terrific person.  Thanks for posting this on this site.  John

Conserve School in Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin is an environmental semester school for high school students in grades 10 or 11. Students come for one semester and then return to their sending schools. The school has operated as a semester school since the fall of 2010. It is funded by a large endowment so all accepted students receive full scholarships.

The school enrolls 60 students each semester - thus it sees 120 students a year. You can learn more about the school at http://www.ConserveSchool.org

   The  Evergreen Community Charter School in Asheville, NC is outstanding.

Hello there.

I am Tara Smoot Nasmth.  Since 2006 I have run a Family Child Care in my home that is Earth's Creations Ecology School & Family Childcare in Fremont Ca.  All ages.

The more I can get my kids outside the better.  I utilize the outdoor classroom a lot.  I have a play based nature curriculum.



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