ParkLAND Project Get Kids off the Playground and Into the Wild Corners of Local Parks

A new Raintree School initiative is afoot. And we're inviting everyone! From preschoolers to scouts, Missouri to Maryland, we'd like to welcome every child to seek nature-filled adventure at their local park. Every state is filled with parks just waiting for children to get off the slide and into their wild depths. To help parents and teachers along the way, Raintree School has devised an innovative way to see all the fun kids are having in their neighborhood wildlands - and it's starting in Missouri.

We call it ParkLAND Project, and it's waiting for you to share your park's story. Pocket or expansive, any park will do the job. The first of its kind in the country, Raintree School has begun to curate a database of digital park maps, made by children, featuring the lessons and activities, games and challenges they've encountered while exploring and learning on the wild side of their local park.

Whether your class creates their own park map or adds new adventures and learning outlets to an existing ParkLAND map, the ways to share your park story are many.

As maps are created by our communities of children, each park will shine! Every park is a treasure. They are just waiting for children to discover them.

If you're ready to join the movement, let us know. Partners of ParkLAND Project enjoy expert support from Raintree School's forest school teachers. With mapping lesson planning clinics and outdoor place-based education workshops, Raintree School is ready to help you and your students get mapping! So, calling all teachers, scout leaders, parents, and playgroups - find your park and explore it's wild side.  

You can check out a sample map made by Raintree kindergarteners here.

Feel free to contact me for more information. 

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